Prenatal New Moms’ Group


We asked many new moms what they wish they had known before they had their babies. What would they go back and tell their pregnant selves if they could?

Our Prenatal new Moms Group is for Expecting Moms in their 2nd & 3rd Trimester. We address the surprises, challenges, and the common concerns which accompany becoming a mother, including all sorts of stuff “that no one ever tells you about!” All in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment, sharing the experience with other expecting women at the same stage.




4 Week Series

Winter -- Mondays, 2/26-3/19 6:30PM-8:00PM $195.00
Spring -- Mondays, 4/2-4/23 6:30-8:30PM $195.00
Spring -- Mondays, 4/30-5/21 6:30-8:30PM $195.00

Drop In Policy

Sorry, but Drop Ins are not allowed for this class at this time!

Waiver & Release

Participation in Little Lovage Club and use of the facility, involves a risk of accidental injury, despite all safety precautions. I accordingly agree to assume all risks and hazards incidental to the participation in Little Lovage Club I hereby release from responsibility and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Little Lovage Club and it’s officers, directors, contractors, volunteers and all of the employees as well as the landlords of 778 Tremont Street, for an illness or injury to me, my children, family members, caregivers or guardians occurring during his/her/our participation in Little Lovage Club or use of any part of the facility. Little Lovage Club reserves the right to take and utilize photographs of participating children and their parents, caregivers, or anyone accompanying them while engaged in our classes or associated activities. I consent to Little Lovage Club’s use of the photographs of my child, me, or the guardian I have designated for advertising, promotional, or related purposes, and waive all rights to compensation and other rights which may arise as a result. I understand and agree that the email address(es) I have provided herein will be added to the distribution list for Little Lovage Club. In addition, by opting in you are electing to receive updates from the South End Moms blog, but can unsubscribe to our email newsletter at any time.

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