Play with Me – Playtime


Play is one of the most important learning activities your little one can engage in. It fosters creativity, helps your child practice social and communication skills, and teaches them take turns, be flexible, and share. Play with Me gives your infant or toddler an opportunity to play and make new friends, but also allows you to socialize with other grown-ups.

Play with Me is an open-play format with no formal instruction. We will provide age appropriate toys and activities. Come play and stay as little, or as long, as you’d like on Fridays between 9:30-12pm.

PLEASE SIGN-UP, SPACE IS LIMITED (cost includes siblings up to 36 months)

Caregiver must remain present at all time.


0-36 months


no instructor

Day & Time

Friday 9:30am-12pm

Play with Me - Playtime -- Friday -- 2/14 -- (9:30am-12pm) $20.00
Play with Me - Playtime -- Friday -- 2/21 -- (9:30am-12pm) $20.00
Play with Me - Playtime -- Friday -- 2/28 -- (9:30am-12pm) $20.00

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