New Moms’ Group Facilitator Training with Nancy Gair


As a mom, do you remember the stress and anxiety that accompanied adjusting to your new identity as a “mother”? Did you experience the joy and despair, fatigue and elation, confusion and uncertainty of taking care of a tiny, utterly dependent, newborn baby? Do you remember how difficult those first few days and weeks were, and how you wished you’d had more support?

Or perhaps you’re not a mom, but you have experience working with moms and their newborn babies. You’ve witnessed their struggles, and have heard their self-doubts. You recognize the enormous value provided from peer support offered in a new moms’ group setting.

We have created a New Moms’ Group Facilitator Training Program to teach you how to begin, and lead the dialog within a new moms’ group, how to listen and hear new moms, and how to respond and react. We will outline a typical six-week session, and roll-play a typical class. You will finish this 4 class workshop feeling confident to lead your own new moms’ group.

We will meet as a group for sixteen hours: 4, four-hour classes across 4 consecutive Sundays. Nancy will also meet individually to evaluate and coach each participant*. We encourage each participant to observe at least one of Little Lovage Club’s New Moms’ Group classes. Expert speakers on infant feeding, sleep, and child development will join us for one hour each at one of our group meetings.

4 classes 
dates and time to be determined

*(time & place of evaluation to be coordinated between Nancy and the trainee)

Please contact us for future training dates: (617) 650-4076 or

training cost: $850 (16-hour course)


Nancy Gair

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