• Prenatal New Moms’ Group

    For pregnant moms in their second or third trimester

    We asked many new moms what they wish they had known before they had their babies. What would they go back and tell their pregnant selves if they could? Our Prenatal New Moms’ Group supports pregnant moms in their 2nd or 3rd Trimester. We address the surprises, challenges, and the common concerns which accompany becoming a mother, including all sorts of stuff “that no one ever tells you about!” All in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment, sharing the experience with other pregnant women.






    4 week session

    Fall 1 -- Mon, 10/15-11/5 (6:30pm-8:30pm) $195.00
    Fall 2 -- Mon, 11/26-12/17 (6:30pm-8:30pm) $195.00
  • Baby Basics

    Learn Basic Newborn Care

    Never held a newborn baby? Have no idea how to change a diaper, offer a bottle, or swaddle a baby? Baby Basics teaches you and your support person the basics of newborn care. We will discuss newborn safety, feeding & sleep expectations, bathing, and how to prepare your home for baby. We’ll demonstrate and practice safely holding, burping, diapering, swaddling, and soothing a baby. You will leave this workshop feeling more confident and excited for your baby’s arrival!

    So we can plan accordingly, please choose single or couple ticket.



    Thurs, 11/8 (6:30pm-8:30pm) -- Single $95.00
    Thurs, 11/8 (6:30pm-8:30pm) -- Couple $95.00
    Tues, 12/4 (6:30pm-8:30pm) -- Single $95.00
    Tues, 12/4 (6:30pm-8:30pm) -- Couple $95.00
  • Breastfeeding 101

    Understand Breastmilk Supply and Demand

    Social pressures, guilt, stress, sleep deprivation, hormones, all can affect your ability to breastfeed confidently. Breastfeeding 101 provides the foundation for successful breastfeeding. We will address comfortable alignment, feeding duration, and the importance of a proper latch. We’ll demonstrate a variety of breastfeeding positions, we’ll teach you the difference between hunger cues verses tired cues, and we’ll discuss common physical and emotional breastfeeding challenges, as well as, where to find support. You will leave this workshop with the knowledge and support to successfully breastfeed!

    So we can plan accordingly, please choose single or couple ticket.



    Tues, 10/23 (6:30pm-8:00pm) -- Single Ticket $75.00
    Tues, 10/23 (6:30pm-8:00pm) -- Couple Ticket $75.00
    Tues, 11/27 (6:30pm-8:00pm) -- Single Ticket $75.00
    Tues, 11/27 (6:30pm-8:00pm) -- Couple Ticket $75.00
    Tues, 12/18 (6:30pm-8:00pm) -- Single Ticket $75.00
    Tues, 12/18 (6:30pm-8:00pm) -- Couple Ticket $75.00
  • New Moms’ Group Facilitator Training with Nancy Gair $850

    New Moms’ Group Facilitator Training with Nancy Gair
    4-day workshop


    Nancy Gair

    Date & Time


    Spots Still Available!