• Basics of Breastfeeding

    Expecting parents preparing for breastfeeding!


    Melanie or Gretchen

    Friday, 12/8 6PM-7:30PM -- Single Ticket $28.00
    Friday, 12/8 6PM-7:30PM -- Couple Ticket $43.00
  • Pumping Tricks

    Are you thinking about starting to pump? Preparing for a night away or to go back to work? This Pre and Post Natal seminar focuses on the mysteries of your breast pump with tricks and tips for pumping while away from your baby. Learn the basics of pumping, how to use your pump settings for more efficient … Read More


    Melanie or Gretchen

    Monday, 12/11 2:30-3:30 $28.00
  • Benefits Of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

    Discussion about pelvic floor physical therapy and how it can prepare the body for delivery and eliminate or reduce pregnancy related issues as well as improve body after delivery.


    Melissa Hines

    Monday, 12/4 2:30-3:30PM $28.00
  • Early Speech & Language Development 3m-3yrs

    Learn how to encourage your child’s language development from a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist.



    Wednesday, 11/29 6:30-8PM -- Couple Ticket $43.00
    Wednesday, 11/29 6:30-8PM -- Single Ticket $28.00
  • Acupressure for Comfort Measures in Labor

    The workshop will guide mothers-to-be and their partners in proper use of acupressure techniques during pregnancy and birth. Participants will learn how and when to use acupressure points for: Promoting efficient labor Comfort measures Proper fetal positioning These topics will be discussed followed by ample time to demonstrate and practice proper point location and effective … Read More


    Ali Vander Baan L.Ac.

    Thursday, October 10th 6:30-8pm -- Single $28.00
    Thursday, October 10th 6:30-8pm -- Couple $43.00
  • Walnut Ink Portraits

    These are true heirlooms and make the best gifts! Ink portraits are drawn from life in 20 minutes. Boston artist, Kate True makes her own ink from locally sourced walnut shells.


    Sunday 12/10


    9:30AM – 02:30PM

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