• Seekers

    For parent/caregiver, and baby (6-12 months)

    For the first six months, your little one has relied on you to set them in motion. You have carried, bounced, rocked, and danced with them – now they are ready to move and explore on their own. Seekers offers support and advice now that your curious little one is busy scooting about and discovering the world around them. We will incorporate new songs into our interactive circle-time, and introduce new toys to improve gross motor skills, provide stimulation, and encourage play. You will learn to embrace all the amazing changes you and your baby are experiencing, make friends, and feel supported.


    6-12 months


    5 or 6 week session



    No Class


    Summer 1 -- Mon, 7/9-8/6 (11:30am-12:15pm) $175.00
    Summer 2 -- Mon, 8/13-9/17 (11:30am-12:15pm) $175.00
    Fall 1 -- Mon, 9/24-10/29 (11:30am-12:15pm) $175.00
    Fall 2 -- Mon, 11/5-12/17 (11:30am-12:15pm) $210.00
  • Pumping Proficiently

    Master breastmilk yield at work, or home

    Whether you are preparing to go back to work, or planning a night away from baby, or just want to improve your breastmilk production, Pumping Proficiently explains the ins and outs of expressing breastmilk. We will review the basics of pumping, teach you how to use your pump more efficiently, and how to protect your milk supply while separated from baby. You’ll learn breastmilk storage guidelines, how to safely transport expressed milk, and how to best sanitize and sterilize your pump. You will leave this workshop the master of your breast pump!

    So we can plan accordingly, please choose couple or single. (price includes one support partner)