• Kangas

    For moms, and their baby (3-6 months)

    Congrats, you’ve survived the first few months of motherhood, and now you marvel at all your baby’s new milestones. From smiling, cooing, learning to roll-over, and grasp objects, your baby is constantly growing and changing. Kangas offers support and advice for mom, as baby is busy developing and discovering the world around them. We will discuss sleep expectations, introducing solid foods, baby-proofing, growth and developmental milestones. We will incorporate an interactive circle-time with songs and age appropriate games. You can ask questions, share tips and ideas, and socialize with others new moms, while bonding with your baby. You will learn how best to adapt to all the amazing changes you and your baby are experiencing, make friends, and feel supported.


    3-6 months


    5 or 6 week session



    Spring 1 -- Wed, 4/11-5/9 (11:30am-1:00pm) $205.00
    Spring 1 -- Fri, 4/13-5/11 (12:45pm-2:15pm) $205.00
    Spring 2 -- Wed, 5/16-6/20 (11:30am-1:00pm) $245.00
    Spring 2 -- Fri, 5/18-6/22 (12:45pm-2:15pm) $245.00
  • Baby Movers

    Baby Movers focuses on strengthening baby’s growing spine and developing a sense of balance and spatial orientation to help coordinate movement with balance. We will demonstrate and practice together tummy time techniques and infant massage strokes to help support healthy spine growth, sleep, and improve digestion. Caregivers will gain knowledge and confidence while baby begins to develop physical awareness and slowly discover their surroundings.


    6 weeks – 6 months


    5 or 6 week session



    Spring 2 -- Tue, 5/15-6/19 (12:45pm-1:30pm) $180.00
  • Pumping Proficiently

    Master breastmilk yield at work, or home

    Whether you are preparing to go back to work, or planning a night away from baby, or just want to improve your breastmilk production, Pumping Proficiently explains the ins and outs of expressing breastmilk. We will review the basics of pumping, teach you how to use your pump more efficiently, and how to protect your milk supply while separated from baby. You’ll learn breastmilk storage guidelines, how to safely transport expressed milk, and how to best sanitize and sterilize your pump. You will leave this workshop the master of your breast pump!

    So we can plan accordingly, please choose couple or single. (price includes one support partner)