Primary Lovage Instructors

Nancy Gair Lovage Instructor

Nancy Gair

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Current Classes with Nancy

Melanie Venuti Lovage Instructor

Melanie Venuti, IBCLC, RLC

Melanie is the owner and consultant of the Boston-based private practice MV Breast Feeding Support. In partnership with Little Lovage Club, Melanie has been working with families individually, through the free hotline and in group settings for the past several years. She prides herself in offering a laid back approach to counseling mothers and offers practical advice for breastfeeding and parenting success.

Current Classes with Melanie

Ansley Lovage Instructor

Ansley DeLaney

Ansley has been teaching Infant Development classes all over New York, New Jersey and now, in Boston. In 2013, she trained and received her 30 hour certification with Ellynn Skove of "Go-Go Babies". Recently, she received her Level 1 Reiki training with Emily Peterson. Ansley holds a BFA in Musical Theater from The Boston Conservatory and loves using her singing background to engage with babies and toddlers!

Current Classes with Ansley

Ansley Lovage Instructor


After having a son, Ashley discovered her love to work in an atmosphere where you can see both parents and children learn and grow. As a mom to a wonderful 7 year old, she has a natural compassion for postnatal support. She participated in New Moms Group Facilitator Training, and mentored by Little Lovage Club's own Nancy Gair. She has a BA & MS from Lasell College, years of childcare experience, and worked in the prenatal and postnatal industry since 2012.

Current Classes with Ashley

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