Childbirth Prep and Prenatal Support Group

Recommended for: 2nd or 3rd Trimester of Pregnancy

Our Childbirth Prep and Prenatal Support Group supports pregnant people in their 2nd or 3rd Trimester. We address pregnancy discomforts (what’s normal and what’s out of the scope of normal), prenatal nutrition, and getting your body ready for birth using movement patterns. We review what to expect at each stage of labor and comfort measures, we have an evidence-based discussion of medical and non-medical pain relief and interventions. Class includes sample hospital packing list and birth preferences/planning template. We also discuss postpartum physical and emotional recovery, resources for support, and all sorts of stuff “that no one ever tells you about!” All in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment, sharing the experience with other pregnant people.


Recommended for New Parents in the first 12 weeks

Part of becoming a parent includes a shift of your identity, accompanied by excitement, exhaustion, and lots of change! Many new parents benefit from being part of a supportive and nurturing group, where they can connect and discuss concerns, joys, and challenges, in a safe, non-judgmental setting. Newbies will explore the journey of parenthood, build confidence, and make new friends.

Here We Go Again

Recommended for: Parents of Newborns, who have older child(ren) at home

Welcome back! You’re already an experienced parent; now learn how to juggle another baby, along with the demands of a growing family. Here We Go Again addresses the common struggles of parenthood, and how best to manage your time and sanity with both an infant and toddler. In this second-timers’ (or more!) support group, you can ask questions, share tips and ideas, and socialize, while spending quality one-on-one time with your newest bundle of joy. Identify with other parents who are also adjusting to the joys and challenges of a growing family, as you and your baby make new friends, and feel supported.


Recommended for: New Parents of 3 to 6 month-olds (or after Newbies)

Congrats, you’ve survived the first few months, and now you marvel at all of your baby’s new milestones. From smiling, cooing, learning to roll-over, and grasp objects, your baby is constantly growing and changing. Kangas offers support and advice, as baby is busy developing and discovering the world around them. We will discuss sleep expectations, introducing solid foods, baby-proofing, and growth and developmental milestones. We will incorporate an interactive circle-time with songs and age-appropriate games. You can ask questions, share tips and ideas, and socialize while bonding with your baby. You will learn how best to adapt to all the amazing changes you and your baby are experiencing, make friends, and feel supported