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Walnut Ink Portraits

  • 06/04/2017
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  • 09:00 am - 12:30 pm


These are true heirlooms and make the best gifts! Ink portraits are drawn from life in 15 minutes. Boston artist, Kate True makes her own ink from locally sourced walnut shells. The drawings are done on archival 11 x 14 inch paper and presented with card backing in a plastic sleeve. And not to worry about squirmy babies and kids. If 15 minutes seems like an enormously long amount of time to sit still, Kate will take a photo and finish the portrait from that.
All ages welcome!

A few things that are helpful for parents to know:
–  It’s best if child is wearing a top with an interesting pattern or collar.
–  Young babies can recline on Boppy pillow while Kate paints.
–  Drawings take some time to dry. They will be available for pick up the following week (before Father’s Day). We will contact you via email when they are ready to be picked up. This includes portraits done by photo as well.

**Please note: one child per drawing. If you would like multiple drawings done, please sign up for two or more slots. Kate can do multiple drawings of one child (as gifts for grandparents, etc)… the first from life and then more from a photograph.**

$75/each – 1 drawing
$60/each – 2 or more drawings
Please bring $75 cash or a check made out to Kate True or pay in advance via Venmo (to [email protected]). Kate can also take credit cards if requested.



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