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Who's it for: Expecting parents of Multiples preparing for labor and delivery

Please email [email protected] if interested in Private class.

As one might expect, a twin or triplet pregnancy can differ greatly from a singleton pregnancy. Little Lovage Club offers Multiples Childbirth class. The class empowers couples to appreciate the prenatal and birthing experience of twins, triplets or more.

Taught by an experienced childbirth educator who is also a mother of twins herself, this informative class includes relaxation and breathing techniques, stages of labor and delivery, comfort techniques and postpartum issues. The instructor will discuss what happens when you take more than one baby home. Feeding multiples, setting a schedule, and traveling logistics are some of the topics included. Other important issues discussed are pregnancy nutrition and weight gain, pregnancy aches/pains, mental and physical challenges of a multiple pregnancy, potential bedrest, warning signs and complications, vaginal and cesarean births as well as comfort measures (including visualization) used during labor and birth. Pain medication options, the NICU experience as well as premature births will be discussed.
Recommended to take this class between 26-34 weeks

Spots Still Available