Under the Sea – Letty


With some birthday parties, we’re spoiled with a talented parent who has a vision to add some personal enhancements to our themed parties and make them over-the-top awesome. Mom had all of the inspiration for this one, and we just ran with it!  The sweet little birthday girl is a huge Little Mermaid fan, so we set up our Under the Sea theme and then transformed the…

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Under the Sea – Elle


In our opinion, turning four is a huge deal.  Throughout our years of party planning experience, we hear over and over again about how this is the age where the birthday child is more adamant about theme, or cake, or friends invited. Pressure’s on, mom! This special little girl wanted her mermaid party; and that’s exactly what she got!  For themed decor, we had fishing nets,…

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Under the Sea – Anastasia


Once in a while we get a special girl who has her heart set on something big.  This weekend, the focus was on Anastasia’s giant, fabulous Little Mermaid party, which fit perfectly into our Under the Sea theme! To transform the space, we used giant fishing nets, rustic ropes, and hung jelly fish inspired decor.  Our buried treasure chest held a gleaming “4” on the main…

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