Dinosaurs – Hazel


We love parents who bring us new ideas…as was the case for Hazel’s (First Ever) Birthday!  When this wonderful mom came to us with a personal love of dinosaurs (her and dad had a triceratops wedding cake!), we knew we had to make Hazel’s birthday party a pink and purple paradise, no shortage on T-Rexes, brontosaurus and pterodactyls. We used bright colors with pops of gold…

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Dinosaurs – Santino


Roooooooooooooar!  Make way for dinosaurs. Santino celebrated the big three this year with his absolute favorite creature – dinosaurs!  This birthday boy was so sweet.  Upon entering the room, you could tell from his face that he was absolutely thrilled that this party was especially for him! Dinos were everywhere- from jumbo plastic play toys, to window decals, to mysterious t-rex footprints on the ground….

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Dinosaurs – Elias


When it comes to five year old boys, we think adventure, curiosity and energy…perfect words to describe the wonderful world of dinosaurs!  This birthday boy followed the giant footprints into Little Lovage Club to party with classmates and friends as he turned five. Tyrannosaurus rex, stegosaurus, and their gang emerged from the dense tall grass to celebrate for our dinosaur themed birthday party.  Delicious, muddy cupcakes from Party Favors were…

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