For Fox Sake


When your name is Hunter, a Woodland themed birthday party is simply the most appropriate type of celebration!  This cutie’s mom came to us with an idea of a clean, gorgeous aesthetic – white, gold, black, kraft paper and touches of eucalyptus. However, the most important element of this kid’s birthday party was the fox- Hunter’s favorite friend at home.   To make this custom…

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Nom Nom – Milk & Cookies


NOM NOM. Chocolate chip cookies and cold milk is a classic combination to please all, including the guests of Musa’s first birthday party! This adorable and energetic one year old celebrated his special day in the company of friends and family alike. He came dressed to impress with shorts and socks matching the blue and red decorations and a polka dot shirt to resemble the…

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Fairy Tea Party – Elle


We loved celebrating this whimsical tea party for a sweet little lady turning one!   When the mom contacted us, we learned she had just planned a wedding shower the week before.  When we saw all of the personal touches she brought to this themed party, we realized how much of an event planner she was!  Pastel macaroons and jordan almonds matched the gorgeous three-tier cake.  Baby…

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Pool Party – Brielle


Cannon ball!  This July, we celebrated a summertime birthday party for a wonderful two year old.  With Boston weather being so unpredictable in the middle of July, it’s almost impossible to host a perfect-weather party outdoors.  This creative mom came to us with dreams of a summer celebration, without the excessive heat and inconvenience of hosting at an outdoor venue.  We gladly accepted the challenge, creating a gorgeous indoor pool party for…

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Dinosaurs – Hazel


We love parents who bring us new ideas…as was the case for Hazel’s (First Ever) Birthday!  When this wonderful mom came to us with a personal love of dinosaurs (her and dad had a triceratops wedding cake!), we knew we had to make Hazel’s birthday party a pink and purple paradise, no shortage on T-Rexes, brontosaurus and pterodactyls. We used bright colors with pops of gold…

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Colorful Artists – Grayson


Somewhere over the neon rainbow, Grayson turned 7!  When the birthday girl shows up in a gold sequin dress, you know it’s going to be a great celebration. This crew kicked off summer vacation with a perfectly appropriate Colorful Artists themed party.  Don’t the colors remind you of popsicles, lemonade and sweet summertime? The guests happily painted canvases with tons of color, carefully sketching out their designs…

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Under the Sea – Letty


With some birthday parties, we’re spoiled with a talented parent who has a vision to add some personal enhancements to our themed parties and make them over-the-top awesome. Mom had all of the inspiration for this one, and we just ran with it!  The sweet little birthday girl is a huge Little Mermaid fan, so we set up our Under the Sea theme and then transformed the…

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Fairy Tea Party – Maria


Maria was turning five, so we threw a fairy tea party!  Guests were asked to arrive in costume – princesses, Spider Man, lizard, whatever their hearts desired!  The party kicked off with fairy house decorating, complete with glitter, bright paints, flowers and stickers.  Bonaparte, a Boston magician, came to join the fun and brought plenty to keep the guests enchanted, including a dove and a bunny!  The…

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Party Animals – Alex


Every now and again we get a birthday child who wholeheartedly adores their party theme.  In this case, Alexandra was the absolute poster child for farm animal lover.  It started months before her actual birthday, when she visited our space for a classroom party, and spent the entire time with the farm animals in their fences.  Genuinely petting, brushing, holding and playing with every single animal,…

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Dinosaurs – Santino


Roooooooooooooar!  Make way for dinosaurs. Santino celebrated the big three this year with his absolute favorite creature – dinosaurs!  This birthday boy was so sweet.  Upon entering the room, you could tell from his face that he was absolutely thrilled that this party was especially for him! Dinos were everywhere- from jumbo plastic play toys, to window decals, to mysterious t-rex footprints on the ground….

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Fairy Tea Party


Little Lovage Club’s Fairy Tea Party theme is a great choice for creative kids!  Gorgeous decor fills the room with touches of sparkles, outdoor elements like grass and twigs, butterflies, and plenty of pink and purple.  For party favors, each child dances home with fairy wings and a sparkly wand.  This party crew chose the Fairy House Decorating as an add-on, and brought the magic of…

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Little Bakers – Jack


This little chef loves to cook it up in the kitchen at home!  That’s why mom came to us with need of creating a care-free, chef-inspired, fun party for her 4-year-old and his best pals.  For Jack’s party, we decorated the room in baking blues and greens, from the decorative oven mitts to the tiny toddler aprons.   Friends arrived to decorate sugar cookies with…

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Party Animals – Tulsi


We were so happy to host this little lady’s first birthday bash!  The farm rolled out to Boston for Tulsi’s first birthday party at Little Lovage Club.  Mom came to us with a love of our girly farm theme and a vision of adding adorable barnyard themed sweets, like an elaborate cake, chick and cow cookies, and cake pops.  Mom helped us cover the finest details, making sure every animal came…

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Under the Sea – Elle


In our opinion, turning four is a huge deal.  Throughout our years of party planning experience, we hear over and over again about how this is the age where the birthday child is more adamant about theme, or cake, or friends invited. Pressure’s on, mom! This special little girl wanted her mermaid party; and that’s exactly what she got!  For themed decor, we had fishing nets,…

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Party Animals – Stella


April is a wonderful time for newly hatched barn chicks and babies turning two!  We celebrated Stella’s birthday on a chilly April morning – and her smiles brought a ton of sunshine to the red and pink decorated room.  The barnyard animals joined the fun, bringing chicks, sheep, ducklings, and more.  Stella won best dressed, donning her red cowgirl boots and personalized birthday tee, all tied together…

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Train Party – Gabe


At Little Lovage Club, we love seeing how creative parents get when designing their own themed birthday parties.  When it came to Gabe’s second birthday, mom thought of every detail to create a gorgeous train-filled celebration!  There were vintage touches, like customized train posters, old lanterns, and the good old-fashioned standby of the blue and white engineer hats.  The pinstripes continued on to the banners,…

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Colorful Artists – Newbies


Two years ago, a wonderful group of brand new moms met in our former space with their newborns, and a bond was made.   We love the sense of community that’s fostered between these families, and appreciate that they’ve grown with us in our space.  As a celebration of the group’s second birthdays, we rolled out our Colorful Artists theme, complete with toddler-friendly canvas painting!  A…

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Under the Sea – Anastasia


Once in a while we get a special girl who has her heart set on something big.  This weekend, the focus was on Anastasia’s giant, fabulous Little Mermaid party, which fit perfectly into our Under the Sea theme! To transform the space, we used giant fishing nets, rustic ropes, and hung jelly fish inspired decor.  Our buried treasure chest held a gleaming “4” on the main…

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Dinosaurs – Elias


When it comes to five year old boys, we think adventure, curiosity and energy…perfect words to describe the wonderful world of dinosaurs!  This birthday boy followed the giant footprints into Little Lovage Club to party with classmates and friends as he turned five. Tyrannosaurus rex, stegosaurus, and their gang emerged from the dense tall grass to celebrate for our dinosaur themed birthday party.  Delicious, muddy cupcakes from Party Favors were…

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Little Bakers – Hadley


Welcome to the bake shop!  For this little lady, turning four was a sweet treat.  The decor filling the room was bakery everything, from colored spatulas, baking cups, brunch racks and mini bagels.  The edible goodies were the cherry on top, however.  Our neighbors at Blackbird Doughnuts whipped up some deep-fried mini doughnuts, slathered them in frosting, and topped with rainbow sprinkles.  The mini chefs tied on aprons and…

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Teddy Bear Birthday – Nina and Sophia


Two times the cute: As if one adorable 1-year-old isn’t enough, birthday girl Nina showed up with her twin sister Sophia, and they were ready to start their teddy bear themed birthday party immediately. All smiles, these two busy cuties decorated teddy bear cookies with pals, practiced walking, smashed slices after slices of cake, and cuddled with a costumed teddy bear during the party. Mom…

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Party Animals – Henry


This fall we celebrated the big ONE with a barnyard bash for this sweet little guy!   Just like any successful first birthday, the room was filled with far-traveled grandparents, family and friends, and of course, barn babies. Chicks peeped around, babies dressed up in their farmer’s best, and the cake seemed unlimited. Mom was super thoughtful and even added finger puppets (farm animal themed, of…

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Party Animals – Ella and Harper


Oink, Baa, Moo – Ella and Harper turned two!  When we say these girls love animals, we mean we have never, ever, seen birthday babes holding, petting, and caring for our farm friends as much as these two.  Ella and Harper were practically in the pens with the animals the entire party, taking a break only to eat more snacks and dance around the room with…

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Lovage Newbies Reunion


Hooray for springtime!  Boston crawled out of the worst winter in recent history to celebrate the first birthday of this remarkable group of babes!  This group of moms who met in our Lovage Newbies class came together for a celebration of making it through the first year, with lots of bright decorations,  good eats, and sweet moments.  To tie it up, they added the company…

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Little Musicians – Ariana


This spring we celebrated Ariana’s first birthday as rockstars do – live music, inflatable pink guitars, and an A+ guest list.  The Little Musicians shook their maracas endlessly to Little Groove’s party hits, enjoyed baby brunch items, and ended the party with a smash.  The family added-on a Stickybellies Birthday Poster to stamp the date in time with adorable highlights, and mimosa bar to keep the adults dancing and posing…

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Fairy Tea Party – Lilly


Lilly’s special day was a magical tea party with close friends and family. This little lady fit in so perfectly to the Fairy Tea Party theme, you would have thought she was part of the package!  Kids dressed up in fancy garb and set up elegant tea parties, while adults enjoyed sipping from the mimosa bar.  Our friends at the South End Buttery whipped up this delectable cake.  Guests went home…

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Party Animals – Hudson


Cheers to the day we celebrated turning one with live music, baby animals, and tons of friends!  This birthday cutie was all smiles from the moment he walked into the room and laid eyes on the bright decor and the baby animals.  The fun didn’t stop, as children were entertained with a musical performance, a petting zoo, and themed farm toys like tractors and inflatable pony sticks!…

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Rockin’ First Birthday – Coco


We celebrated a big birthday for baby girl last weekend- number 1!  The theme was music- but hold the rock ’n’ roll, guitars and amps, mom planned for a “girly” music party with pinks, purples and white to lighten the theme.  The cake from our friends at Oakleaf brought the dessert table to another level with the 3D maracas at the top and the piano…

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Rock-n-Roll Birthday – Grayson


Last week rockstars and celebrities flooded Little Lovage Club for Grayson’s first birthday bash.  It was a Hollywood Rock-n-Roll party with lots of great hair, sunglasses and black leather.  The guests, (some well-known big names that we can’t list for security purposes), enjoyed walking the red carpet and rocking out to a private listening party.  Guitars were smashed, as was cake.  The party lasted until 4 (AM or…

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Amelia


January babies in New England.  Always having to celebrate their birthdays in frigid temperatures and stacks of snow.  While most people loathe the unrelenting winter in Massachusetts, these party parents embraced it to create an adorable theme for baby girl: Winter One-Derland!  Snow, ice and glitter sparkled through the pastel pink, light blue and white decorations.  The biggest hit for the party was the hot chocolate bar, with…

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Polka Dot Party – Hadley


This past weekend we rolled up our sleeves and jumped into the rainbow.  We love celebrating color at Little Lovage Club, because it reflects the vibrant littles we have running around in our space daily.  This party was no exception.  The parent party planner came up with the idea for the theme by thinking about themes that weren’t gender-specific, as some boys wouldn’t be thrilled…

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