Dinosaurs – Santino

June 15, 2016

Roooooooooooooar!  Make way for dinosaurs.

Santino celebrated the big three this year with his absolute favorite creature – dinosaurs!  This birthday boy was so sweet.  Upon entering the room, you could tell from his face that he was absolutely thrilled that this party was especially for him! Dinos were everywhere- from jumbo plastic play toys, to window decals, to mysterious t-rex footprints on the ground.  The little crew stayed busy with our dino fossil excavation, where each child put on a hard hat and got to work, searching for fossils in heavy sand.  With the help of shovels, brushes, and sand sifters, the buckets kept filling with treasures.  The birthday party came to an end as guests shuffled out with dino masks and coloring kits in hand.  Happy Birthday, Santino!















Santino dino party-1






Parent testimonial:

“I received so many compliments on how great and fun the party was overall.  The kids were entertained throughout the two hours and that was such a relief on my end.  The last thing I want at a birthday party is for a kid to be bored or think the party is boring.  That definitely was not the case here.  Santino had so much fun and he is still talking about it.  So I just want to Thank You!!  You did an amazing job and I could not have been happier.  Thanks again for taking care of EVERYTHING!   You guys are the best!”


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