A Little Lovage Christmas – 2015

February 9, 2016

Ho Ho Ho!  Every year, the magic sweeps us off our feet in early November as we begin to plan our big visit from Santa.  We send our invitation to the North Pole, requesting Saint Nick’s presence at Little Lovage Club for our annual photos with Santa.  When the big day comes, we watch the enchantment of Christmastime through the eyes of our neighborhood boys and girls.  It’s so sweet to hear the toddlers conversing with the guest of honor after they’ve built up courage to approach him with a high five.  Throughout our event, littles stayed busy with coloring gifts, writing wish lists, and snacking on sweets.  At the end of the day, Santa had made new endearing friendships and was ready to take the sleigh back home.  Feel the magic of the holiday season-through our photos of terrified toddlers, snuggling babies and sweet little elves all around.  We’ll see you next year!


















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