Holiday Sing-a-long

January 9, 2016

As if the weather this week wasn’t indication enough, winter has finally hit!  Here at Little Lovage Club, we had the most awesome holiday season.  From photos with our favorite Santa ever (we know, we know, there is only one Santa, but seriously—he is the best!), to gearing up for our next round of classes (Messy Munchkins, anyone?), to hosting one birthday party after another (new themes just announced!)—our chilly winter months are off to a great start.  And one of our most favorite parts of it so far has to be the adorable holiday sing-a-long we had with another one-and-only person in our lives—Nancy Gair!

Jingle bells in hand, Nancy led us littles and bigs in some of our favorite tunes, helping to get our holiday spirit on!  There were some serious dance moves, a whole lot of smiles, and some major hugging.  We love when we can get together with some familiar faces, hang in our cozy space, and get our groove on.




Hungry tummies ready to snack weren’t forgotten, and neither were those kiddos who just had to explore!  Our themed sensory tubs are always a hit, especially when you are the perfect size to hop right in!




But like everything, our time together had to come to an end eventually, and we were left wanting more fun songs to jam to.  We couldn’t be too upset though, because the good news is not only do we get to hear Nancy entertain those sweet little newborns with her delightful singing in our New Moms’ Classes which we all have grown to know and love, but now we can just pop in a CD to sing along with her!

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 3.52.26 PM

Her newly released album, If You’re Happy and You Know It Sing With Me: Circle Time Songs with Nancy G! is now available to order {HERE}, and also available for purchase at Little Lovage Club!  Comprised of all the songs you know and love but would never dare sing at home without Nancy leading the way, this CD now gives all us parents a little accompaniment while trying to emulate the excitement and entertainment our littles feel while in class with Nancy.  And the even better news is that two of our readers will win an album to dance away to in their own home!  Just enter below by liking Little Lovage Club on Facebook between now and Friday: 

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