All parents and caregivers: listen up!  City living and city loving families just hit the jackpot—big time!  Do you know of Green Piñata?  Well now we do, and it is almost too good to be true.  A monthly delivery sent straight to your door of completely non-toxic, beautiful, developmentally appropriate toys specific to your little one’s age.  No shopping, no storing, no researching, because with Green Piñata Toy Share you simply keep the toys as long as you want or need, pop the pre-printed delivery slip back on the box it arrived in, and send it back on its way to receive your next set of goodies.

DSC00479Recently, we at Little Lovage Club were psyched to welcome Green Piñata into our space for a few hours of open play!  Lounging around with other South End parents while letting the little ones crawl and cruise to new and exciting toys made for one relaxing and fun chilly Sunday morning in our neck of the woods.


We were able to hear more about their subscription service, while learning about some unusually impressive aspects of the company, such as direct customization of toy packages for children with special needs.  Not to mention that Green Piñata donates all of their moderately used toys to the community, so kids can keep on playing!  Saving money, saving time, keeping the earth “green,” and supporting the larger community while keeping your littles happy and learning—those are some important and impressive stats from one company alone.


Children explored some classic toys such as alphabet blocks and stacking cubes, and were intrigued by the exceptionally adorable wooden pirate ships and race car ramps (we can’t get enough of those!).  And while of course the toys were the star of the show, we couldn’t help but notice the beginning of learning to take turns and concepts of “sharing” between all of the cutie pies who came to play.


To learn more about Green Piñata’s Toy Share and mission, please visit GreenPinataToys.com.

*All participants who came to play were gifted one month free of Green Piñata’s Toy Share!


Organic motherhood sessions | Boston Baby Photographer_0019

This October we were delighted to host Nicole Starr Photography in our space for a Celebrating Motherhood photo session!  This event was all about the one, the only, mom- a toast of champagne, a nibble of sweets and an overall break from the every-day craziness that goes into raising children.

Nicole brought her soft, airy touch and made the environment as comfortable as possible for these moms and their sweeties.  Pampering was perfected by a tag team of beauty experts-  safe, U.S. made make up by Follain and hair by Tiffany Cantin.  Sensible Sitters provided three amazing caregivers to cuddle, play and soothe the photogenic littles while they patiently waited for mama to get even more beautified!

Enjoy looking at these silly, sweet photos, and some quotes we captured throughout the day, like “the best snuggles are when we are finished nursing for the 100th time for the day!”.  Also, be sure to check out the full recap on Nicole Starr Photography’s blog here.

Moms, congratulations for all of your hard work, and remember to always take time to celebrate yourselves!

Organic motherhood sessions | Boston Baby Photographer_0019


“The best snuggles are first thing in the morning when she’s still snoozy and she just wants to stay on my chest forever!”

Organic motherhood sessions | Boston Baby Photographer_0024


“When my baby looks in my eyes I know she thinks- my mom is SO silly.”

WM jess motherhood session-3


“The best part of the day is in the morning because she’s in a really good mood. This is also the best time for snuggles.”

Organic motherhood sessions | Boston Baby Photographer_0020


“The best snuggles are in the morning right after I grab her from her crib and bring her in to bed with me.”

Organic motherhood sessions | Boston Baby Photographer_0016


“My favorite time of the day with my little one is when I walk into her room in the morning and she’s so excited to see me from her crib.”

Organic motherhood sessions | Boston Baby Photographer_0010


“I miss my baby the most when she’s sleeping.”



Oink, Baa, Moo – Ella and Harper turned two!  When we say these girls love animals, we mean we have never, ever, seen birthday babes holding, petting, and caring for our farm friends as much as these two.  Ella and Harper were practically in the pens with the animals the entire party, taking a break only to eat more snacks and dance around the room with friends.  Working with this family was an absolute delight – if anyone needs tips on how to make parenting twin toddlers look like a breeze, we have the perfect reference!  It was our pleasure hosting this hoedown for these two silly sweeties and their wonderful friends and family.




















South End Spots: Pairing Playgrounds and Coffee Shops


The fall weather is mostly holding out, and before we know it our traditional Boston winter will be here in no time. Until then, we love spotting neighborhood families taking advantage of outdoor strolls while they still can, and seeing new parents meeting up for a post-baby class bite to eat at Stephi’s on Tremont. Soon, these days of luxuriously bumping around the ‘hood will come to a bitter(ly cold) end, and we’ll be suggesting our favorite indoor cozy comforts to keep us warm and upbeat until spring arrives.

For now, throw on that worn-in peacoat and slip into some comfy boots—we’ve got you covered with where you’ll want to go to keep your little busy while you catch up with a friend over a good, hot cup of Joe, taking full advantage of fall!



The South End Buttery
314 Shawmut Avenue
Boston, MA 02117

And go…

Ringgold Park
81 Montgomery Street
Boston, MA 02118

Offering everything from a quick hot chocolate to an amazing sandwich, The Buttery is a neighborhood favorite for good reason, and just down the street you can find Ringgold Park—a large playground split into two age groups will fit your needs for children newly in baby swings to those confident climbers.

*Insider tip: Need to pick up dinner in a hurry? Don’t forget about The Buttery’s grab-and-go location on Clarendon, full of pre-made mains, sides, and soups.



627 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02118

 And go…

James Hayes Park
Corner of Warren Avenue and W.Canton Street
Boston, MA 02116

Easy peasy standard fare at Starbucks is literally just around the corner from one of our favorite parks. Created specifically because of sandbox shortages in the area, this park’s base is sand, sand, and more sand, with a climbing structure for bigger kiddos.

*Insider tip: A pack of wipes and a ton of sand toys will do you well here, and a public restroom at Starbucks will help those facing potty training woes.



Café Madeleine
517 Columbus Avenue
Boston, MA 02118

 And go… 

Titus Sparrow Park
200 W Newton Street
Boston, MA 02118

Potentially our favorite pairing—and not just for the brownies the size of a brick. Classic, handmade French treats await at this semi-new establishment, just around the bend from the open, well-known Titus Sparrow Park.

*Insider tip: Warm enough for a picnic? Pack a blanket and pick up a delicious premade sandwich from Café Madeline to eat on the grassy hill with friends in the sunshine.



Render Coffee
563 Columbus Avenue
Boston, MA 02118

And go… 

Southwest Corridor Playground
In the Southwest Corridor at Holyoke Street
Boston, MA 02116

One of the only parks to be completed fenced in, the Southwest Corridor Playground becomes a hot spot for any parent with crawlers and children beginning to cruise. Grab a hazelnut latte to go, and you will be in coffee heaven!

*Insider tip: Leave those scooters and push-bikes at home before heading to this particular park. An enclosed playground makes for great corralling, but ride-on toys immediately become communal.



Berkeley Perk Cafe
69 Berkeley Street
Boston, MA 02116

And go…

Ellis Memorial Children’s Park
1 Chandler Street
Boston, MA 02116

Snackable items are plentiful at this café, and make for an easy transportable goodie to bring with you to this petite, contained playground. Somewhat standard and small, toddlers find this park easy to explore and parents and caregivers can keep an eye on their child from almost any angle.

*Insider tip: This playground is used by a large preschool around the corner, and can become very busy. We recommend it for a quiet weekend morning or around lunch time during the week to avoid the crowds.


Hooray for springtime!  Boston crawled out of the worst winter in recent history to celebrate the first birthday of this remarkable group of babes!  This group of moms who met in our Lovage Newbies class came together for a celebration of making it through the first year, with lots of bright decorations,  good eats, and sweet moments.  To tie it up, they added the company of an extremely talented photographer, Katy Doyle, to capture some candid, adorable moments and family portraits.











This spring we celebrated Ariana’s first birthday as rockstars do – live music, inflatable pink guitars, and an A+ guest list.  The Little Musicians shook their maracas endlessly to Little Groove’s party hits, enjoyed baby brunch items, and ended the party with a smash.  The family added-on a Stickybellies Birthday Poster to stamp the date in time with adorable highlights, and mimosa bar to keep the adults dancing and posing in front of the photo backdrop.  The birthday girl was squealing with joy the entire day, powered by endless hugs and kisses from parents, grandparents, and friends.  Rock on, birthday girl!











Lilly’s special day was a magical tea party with close friends and family. This little lady fit in so perfectly to the Fairy Tea Party theme, you would have thought she was part of the package!  Kids dressed up in fancy garb and set up elegant tea parties, while adults enjoyed sipping from the mimosa bar.  Our friends at the South End Buttery whipped up this delectable cake.  Guests went home with hand picked goodies from the candy buffet, and tots left with wings and wands to continue the enchantment at home.







Cheers to the day we celebrated turning one with live music, baby animals, and tons of friends!  This birthday cutie was all smiles from the moment he walked into the room and laid eyes on the bright decor and the baby animals.  The fun didn’t stop, as children were entertained with a musical performance, a petting zoo, and themed farm toys like tractors and inflatable pony sticks!  The day ended with a very happy party boy smashing into his mini cake, revealing a new favorite treat.










We did the mash – we did the Monster Mash!  The day before Halloween, we invited all of our friends to Little Lovage Club to dance, bop and wiggle to songs by cowboy Jeff Jam. Friends socialized, new moms groups reunited, and little dragons, monsters and princesses clapped along to the tunes.  There were plenty of sweet treats to give kids just enough of a sugar buzz to make it to more spooky celebrations throughout the South End!










Join us for upcoming festive holiday happenings at LLC!

Photos with Santa, November 21 & 22

Holiday Sing-a-long, December 21