Flybarre Pop-Up Success!

August 12, 2015

Here at Little Lovage Club we love partnering with local businesses to bring some exciting happenings to the South End!  When we paired up with Flywheel Sports, we knew we were doing just that.  Giving our loyal moms something fun, exhilarating, and healthy – nothing could make us happier.


Last week, we packed the house with a handful of moms who were ready to muster up enough energy, head out the door with baby and a water bottle, and get to sweatin’!  With the much appreciated help of Sensible Sitters, the hard working parents were able to fit in an entire workout without (too many) distractions; their babes were under great care.

The workout was led by Jessica Latshaw, new mom and trainer extraordinaire, who somehow seamlessly motivated and coached the participants.  Yes, she was that enjoyable while demanding that we lift our buns and feel the burn.  The day before the class, Jess took over our instagram to spread the inspiration with a few pictures of her adorable little peanut, Charlee.  We also interviewed her on our blog here– talk about a busy mama.

Post-workout, the ladies sampled delicious almond milk from Nectar and Green (which, by the way, we are a pick up location for!), while our neighbors Follain pampered us with samples of new mom and baby products before sending us home with goody bags.  What a treat!


Ready for our crew!


Even the Rody’s are working hard


Sensible Sitters doing what they do best!


Order Nectar and Green and pick up your batch at our location!


Thanks, Follain for the safe, trusted, mom-friendly goodies

Thank you to all of our fabulous partners for an amazing event!

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