Easter Bunny – 2015

March 30, 2015

We celebrated Easter early with a visit from the Easter Bunny a few weeks ago.  Babies from around the block lined up to take photos with the guest of honor.  The space was decorated with our springtime favorites- pastel colored eggs, candy and bunnies (not to mention treats from our neighbors down at Blackbird Doughnuts).  The best part of the day came when each little took off their coat and revealed their holiday outfits; some were very unique and had us giggling along with the parents.   In a world of regular baby clothes, we couldn’t help but smile at some of their Easter’s Best – handmade sweaters from grandma, white cotton 5 piece ensembles and seersucker suits on a few little men.  We even saw an old fashioned bonnet.   It’s always great to see how our families get into the theme.  In all, some children were slow to warm up to the bunny, so opted to color or watch Peter Rabbit while they became familiar with the environment.  Others crawled right over and made themselves at home, laughing and grabbing Bunny’s face!  Enjoy our photos.

Happy Easter from Little Lovage Club!