Rock-n-Roll Birthday – Grayson

February 3, 2015

Last week rockstars and celebrities flooded Little Lovage Club for Grayson’s first birthday bash.  It was a Hollywood Rock-n-Roll party with lots of great hair, sunglasses and black leather.  The guests, (some well-known big names that we can’t list for security purposes), enjoyed walking the red carpet and rocking out to a private listening party.  Guitars were smashed, as was cake.  The party lasted until 4 (AM or PM, you guess) and everyone walked away with a custom made CD of baby’s favorite songs and of course, a comb.  One Rocks!

Rock (10)
Rock (11)
Rock (1)
Rock (2)
Rock (15)
Rock (16)
Rock (17)
FullSizeRender (6)
Rock (4)
Rock (6)
Rock (5)
Rock1 (1)
Rock (9)
Rock (18)
Rock (19)

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