All Aboard! Train Birthday Party

February 24, 2015

This past weekend we had the joy of clapping our hands and happily celebrating baby boy’s first birthday!  Something so special about turning one – with one tooth – and one wobbly step before falling on the ground, again and again.  The babe of honor was all smiles throughout the day.  His little buddies grabbed party hats, hopped on the train and had a blast singing, dancing, and of course, built train tracks on the carpet throughout the party.

The biggest hit of the party was the handmade 3D train cake – rolling down the table- I mean, track, with a trainload of cargo, which included fresh veggies and dippers.  Guests also loved the chili bar and hot chocolate station (this is winter in New England!).  Such a great theme for a little conductor.


IMG_5666 (1)
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