A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to host Santa in our space for our annual Photos With Santa event.  We absolutely love celebrating the holiday season, especially now that we’re surrounded by Littles who believe in all of the magic and fun of Christmas time.



We spent weeks leading up to the event coordinating with the big man and making sure all of his favorite treats would be lined up for him along our table.  The day of the event, Santa followed his nose to the scent of Flour cookies, and knew he had come to the right place.


Once the children started arriving, the emotions were running high.  Any time Santa is near, our neighborhood toddlers and babies usually have two reactions- either tears or extreme giddiness.  We saw plenty of both this day, as some babies were totally comfortable hanging with the Clause, the preschoolers were talking his ear off, and the toddlers couldn’t stop giggling.


Throughout the event, to keep the children distracted and at ease, we set up stations for molding gingerbread playdough, coloring gifts with vivid hues, and of course, unleashed the table of goodies.  We had a blast watching our little friends get so much joy from sitting on Santa’s lap and chatting about how good they’ve been.



We hope you all have an unforgettable holiday this year.  Thanks to all that came out to our event- we can’t wait to see you next year so we can compare pictures and see how much you’ve grown.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Little Lovage Club!