Shake Shack Sock Hop – Sari

November 22, 2014

Last Sunday we celebrated Sari’s Sixth Birthday.  We rallied up the giggling classmates at Little Lovage Club to dance it out, take over the microphone with their high-pitched voices, and eat some of the best greasy food around.  The party was an old fashioned Sock Hop, using the movie Grease as inspiration.


The decorations were 1950’s fun, with plenty of pink to satisfy a classroom of girls, or even Sandy herself.  The parent who was creating and hosting the party, Alex, is a party-planning guru (in the midst of creating her venture, The Birthday Girl Events), as you can probably tell by the handmade decorations, impeccable cake, and exciting activity organization.



Upon entering the space, each child was encouraged to kick off their saddle shoes, and find the pair of socks made just for them – Alex personalized a pair for every attendee.  The kids loved dancing on our musical floor piano and singing into the microphone (Summer Lovin’ karaoke, anyone?).  They played Grease silently on the TV, as the attendees sang and danced on the area rug below.


Grab a pair and hop on in!


The big draw of the party, however, was that it was catered by Shake Shack – the delicious roadside burger joint that is currently the biggest buzz of Harvard Square.  The kids enjoyed hot dogs and burgers, and washed it all down with milkshakes made with Shake Shack’s famous frozen custard.  Top it off with some Shack Swag Sunglasses, and these children went home full, happy, and stylin’.


Greasy Glory!



Box of Treats: Milkshake, hot dog, french fries, hamburger.


We had plenty of time after food to burn off the calories by dancing on the piano and play musical chairs.  Everyone left with a lot to talk about- carrying their hula hoop party favors as they went.


Another successful party for The Birthday Girl Events.  Happy Birthday, Sari!

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