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October 2, 2014

Hi there!   Welcome to Little Lovage Club’s blog.  Inspired by YOU- working parents, stay at home parents, couples considering children, caregivers, grandparents, teachers and anyone else who has the joy of spending time around young children.

Our biggest motivation for starting a blog is the amazing micro-community we see sprouting between the adults who come to classes at the Little Lovage Club, our children’s class and event space in Boston’s South End.  We wanted to continue these caregiver exchanges to an online community where you can go all hours of the day to continue learning from each other and realize you’re not alone in this child-filled journey.   Much like the mission of the Little Lovage Club, to create an enriching environment for children to grow, learn and love, our blog will have the same task, except for adults.

We hope this blog creates a community and enriches the lives of children and families through providing advice, insight and relief.   This blog will cover topics ranging from health to discipline…art projects to literacy.  We hope to cover topics to interest anyone who has ever been lucky enough to breed a relationship with a young tot.

We may not have it all figured out, but our guest bloggers certainly have a thing or two to say.  Also, we hope you share your own tales with us.  You may be surprised to know you’re not the only one who is up reading a blog when you should be cleaning your home, getting a head start on tomorrow’s meals, or cleaning up Legos off the ground so you don’t step on them…for the second time.

What’s on your mind?   Feel free to reply to this post with any hot topics you’d like us to cover, questions you’ve wanted to have answered, or even just a “hello!”  Welcome along on our journey.

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